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Bimini Ring Game

ProductThis is our most popular model, the Bimini Ring Game Ringmaster portable which sets up anywhere. This is all you need for your family and friends to have hours of fun.

1 game $7.95
includes regular mail.

2 games $14.25
includes regular mail.

3 game special $17.80
Buy 3-12 games and only pay $5.00 each. $15.00 plus $2.80 regular mail

4 games $26.25
includes priority mail.

6 games $36.35
includes priority mail.

10 games $56.50
includes priority mail.

12 games $75.10
12 games at $5.00 each - $60.00 plus
UPS shipping regular ground $15.10

15 games $82.70
15 games at $4.50 each - $67.50 plus
UPS shipping regular ground $15.20

20 games $106.20
20 games at $4.50 each - $90.00 plus
UPS shipping regular ground $16.20

24 games $113.20
24 games at $4.00 each - $96.00 plus
UPS shipping regular ground $17.20

36 games $143.90
Ringmaster is a great idea for gifts, stocking stuffers and giveaways. Here's the big break: Get a friend and split an order of 36 games. This means you only have $63.00 each invested in 18 gifts each. Bimini Ring Game is the perfect gift for anyone! 36 games at $3.50 each - $126.00 plus UPS regular ground $17.90

50 games $194.40
The 50 game super deal at $3.50 each
$175.00 plus UPS regular ground $19.40

100 games $374.10
100 games at $3.50 each
$350 plus UPS regular ground $24.10

Waterproof hard card

AND, NOW FOR A MUST HAVE! Please don't forget one of our beautiful waterproof hard cards with a brief history and how to play the game. It really adds that finishing touch and dresses up your game. You will love it! Just make sure you get at least 1 for yourself. Put it up beside your game or pass it around to your friends while playing. They will be laughing before you know it. Card size: 5 1/2" by 7" - in full bright Caribbean colors.

Price includes regular mail.

The Macaw Parrot Bimini Ring Game

Want to step it up a notch? Here is another of our popular models that cannot be found anywhere but here at BiminiRingGame. Certainly, a one of a kind...Introducing the Macaw Parrot Bimini Ring Game. This model measures a big juicy 7" by 9 ". It has an absolutely beautiful Macaw parrot watching you intensely as you play the game. He also enjoys a frosty Margarita set in a cool Caribbean atmosphere. Wow...will your friends be envious of this one!

These models come on walnut board with a life extended vinyl print of our original artwork done right here at Bimini Enterprises, Inc. We also glass gloss each game as the perfect finishing touch. These are incredible! And, you have your choice of color Ring Game fans...either a luscious red or vibrant blue Macaw...or collect them both. They easily mount the same as our popular portable model, but also come slotted on the back ready to slide into place like hanging a picture. Comes with setup instructions, a brief history of the game and how to play. Set's up anywhere! You can be playing in minutes...

Our price for a one of a kind Macaw Parrot Bimini Ring Game is...$27.95 plus $6.50 priority mail. Your total...$34.45 to your door. Be the first in your neighborhood to have one today. Let the fun begin...The party!

Game/Lamo Card Deal

1 Ring Game and 1 lamo card includes regular mail.

Party kit

Guaranteed fun for that Caribbean party night! The Party Kit includes 3 ring games and 3 of our beautiful waterproofed hard cards. One for the party and 2 for giveaways or prizes to the winners. Guaranteed to be a wild fun night!

Includes priority mail