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Have your own custom Bimini Ring Game made today. Prices range from
$168.25-$450.00, includes UPS shipping regular ground.


Our Full Size Display Rack

This display rack has been designed for the store that has room for the full size Ringmaster tournament setup. It holds up to 40 or more portable games. It works great because it allows the customer to actually play the game just as it should be setup at home. Attached to the rack is a colorful waterproof hard card with a brief history of the game and how to play.

Our Mini Display Rack & Mini Display Counter Model

These display racks were designed for the space conscious store or shop. Although, you cannot get the full effect from play like setup at home, you certainly get the idea. They hold up to 36 portable games. And, attached to the rack is a colorful waterproof hard card with a brief history of the game and how to play. All displays come stained.

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  • Anyone can play
  • Develops Skill
  • Improves eye and hand coordination
  • Enhances concentration
  • It's Safe
  • Helps develop rhythm
  • Simple to install
  • Relieves Stress
  • Perfect gift for anyone!
  • Good Clean Fun
  • Fantastic Stocking Stuffer!
  • Educationally Relevant
  • Effective
  • Tough
  • Number 1 party game


If your company is interested in carrying our product, please contact us for wholesale pricing.


Contact us directly for special programs concerning fundraisers for any organization. We want to help!


Do you have problems with people standing around having to wait on anything? If so, then a Ringmaster Station will solve your problem guaranteed. Now, people can entertain and keep themselves occupied having fun while playing the Bimini Ring Game. Please call us toll free at 866-379-2766 to discuss your situation. We have several suggestions to cure this problem. Click here for suggestions.


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