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Do you have problems with people standing around having to wait to eat or get a table? Perhaps customer's kids are running around wild all over the place out of control. Or, maybe that bar needs something really cool for extra fun...? If so, then a Ring Game Station will solve your problem guaranteed. Now, your customers can entertain and keep themselves occupied having fun while playing Ringmaster.

Think about it... What a perfect way for your costumers to have a good time while enjoying their favorite beverages. You will find out they will play for fun, a little cash or drinks. Install one of our cool Tournament Models today! Click here to order yours today!


Ringmaster Tournament Night

This can be a single or double elimination tournament. Rules--Charge a $5.00 entry fee, fee optional. (The entry will be split among the winners.) As players enter, list their names on a small piece of paper. Later, take the names mixing them up in a hat. Draw one name at a time writing it down on a draw sheet in the order it comes out of the hat. Who will play who is clearly established. The winner will advance to the next round and the loser goes into a consolation tournament.

You don't have to have a consolation tournament, but we have found out that it's a pretty cool idea. (The players in the consolation tournament play each other in the order as they lose out the main tournament.) Both tournaments follow the same format. The consolation tournament is played after the main tournament, unless you have two Ringmaster games.

How To Play
Each person get five tries to get the ring on the hook. Play the best out of two out of three rounds. This is a match. A round is the first player to reach 5 ringers. (Ringers do not have to be consecutive.) If the player who went first gets five ringers first, their opponent still gets his or her chance to tie or possibly win. In case of a tie, continue 5 tries each until you have a winner.

50% goes to the winner of the main tournament, 30% goes to the runner-up, 10% goes to the winner of the consolation tournament and 10% goes to the bartender.

Team Ringmaster

This tournament is designed to challenge other bars to a Ringmaster tournament.

Entry fee is optional. Five players on a team. You will play 3 rounds. Flip to see which team goes first. A player on the team that wins the toss goes first. Then, a player from the opposite team. Keep alternating players. Each player gets 5 tries. Keep score on a sheet of paper.

1st round: Every ringer counts 3 points. After each round add each teams score. Now, there is a fifteen-minute intermission for having a couple of delicious MARGARITAVILLE TEQUILAS.

2nd round: Every ringer counts 5 points. Play the same as the first round, but the opposite team goes first. After the round, add up scores. And now, another fifteen-minute intermission for additional beverages, plus everyone has to take a shooter.

3rd round: Every ringer counts 8 points. Again, opposite team goes first. At the end of the round add up scores and you should have a winner.
It tied, let the best player on each team have a throw-off. Five tries until you have a winner. Remember, if the player who started first gets their 5 ringers first, the opponent still gets their chance to tie or possibly win.

Note: Losers of Team Ringmaster have to buy the winners a round of drinks.

More Important Note: No participating players should drive home after this tournament!

Bartender's Bet

This is when the bartender makes a personal bet with the customer. Example: "I'll bet you a drink, whatever, that you can't get 2 ringers out of 5 tries." As customers get better at Ringmaster you will have to increase the number of ringers. (Ringers do not have to be consecutive.)

Loser Pays

Many customers enjoy playing Ringmaster to see who will pay for the next round of drinks. Once the number of players is established in on the game, you can begin. Rules--Each person gets 10 tries to get the ring on the hook. The player with the least ringers has to buy the round of drinks. In case of a tie of least ringers, there must be a throw-off to find out who is the real loser. Continue the same format as before, 10 tries each until someone loses.

The Bartender's Jar

Take an empty jar cutting a small slit in the top. Put 5 $1.00 dollar bills into the jar. For customers to play they must first put a dollar into the jar. Then, they get 10 tries to get the established number of ringers set by the bartender. Example: The bartender might say, "If you get 4 ringers out of 10 tries, you'll get all the money in the jar."

As customers get better at Ringmaster you will have to decrease their odds by adding a couple of ringers. Now, the bartender might say, "If you get 6 ringers out of 10 tries you'll get all the money in the jar." (Ringers do not have to be consecutive.)

25% goes to the bartender, although many bars give all the money to the winner. It's your choice.

The main thing we have found out about the Bimini Ring Game is there is no rules...That's what is so cool! Be creative...make up your own rules. The main thing...just have a good time.

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