Below is the proper terminology, if you’re really serious about your game. These cool terms and their actions make the game more fun for all.

Shagger: a person who stands by the hook and removes the ring when you get a ringer. Their job is to swing it back to you gently. This allows you not to lose your position or break your smooth rhythm.

Nail: When the ring goes directly on the hook without even turning.

Creeper: When the ring crawls over the hook and goes on.

Rebound:When the ring hits the back of the wall or rack and goes on.

: When the ring catches and balances parallel on the hook--this is scored as two ringers. *Extremely rare and calls for great celebration.*

Around the world: When you swing the ring way out and around onto the hook.

Cowboy: When the ring swings through the air horizontal and goes on the hook. This little trick requires the use of both hands.

Twister: When the ring is constantly spinning as it goes on the hook.

Boomering: When you stand beside the hook with your back to the wall and swing the ring out and it comes back going on the hook.

And, finally...the "Comeback"...when you swing the ring and let it swing back and forth getting it on with a designated number of swings. 

So, remember Ring Game friends…the Bimini Ring Game is all about fun for everyone!

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