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Doesn't it make perfect sense if your company was the original Bimini Ring Game your website would be BiminiRingGame.com, and your email would be BiminiRingGame@aol.com? Ours is...We are BiminiRingGame!

Bimini Enterprises, Inc. is home based in Highlands, NC and in Myrtle Beach, SC where they have been manufacturing the Bimini Ring Game for over 40 years. The company began by making their first game on a boat...in Bimini. Since then, there have been millions of people, all ages, who have enjoyed the Bimini Ring Game all around the world. Bimini Enterprises has shipped many games to every state in the USA and every country in the world.

Every game we make is all about smiles, laughs and good times. Fun for the whole family! A game that will always be passed down from generation to generation.


Grigsby Arnette was born in South Carolina spending much of his time in Myrtle Beach where he constantly explored the waterways and the Atlantic always seeking adventure. He was a fishing guide for many years owning his own charter business. He held the Florida Sailfish record for years, 76lbs. 11oz., but it was recently broken a few years ago.

He played on the professional tennis tour for over twenty years. As a tennis professional he traveled extensively because of his intensive tournament schedule, living in North Carolina, Tennessee, several areas throughout Florida, the Bahamas and also his native South Carolina. His tennis career took him around the world fifteen times. He is a well respected coach on the international level and coached foreign Davis Cup teams. Furthermore, he lived in Bangkok, Thailand and Cairo, Egypt for quite sometime representing the USTA, the USPTA and USA as a sports ambassador.

In addition to his tennis career he is a published author who has written over four hundred short stories, his latest book is titled, TALES FROM A CAROLINA CRAZY, Reaching The End of My Rope. Click here to read more about Grigsby's book and to order your own personal autographed copy.. He has written articles for outdoor magazines as well as many tennis magazines, plus had his own newspaper column. He is also a professional percussionist that has played with many of the Motown groups as well in his own band. At his house in the mountains of North Carolina he still teaches private drum lessons to drummers from all over the country, mostly keeping their rhythms tight and drum solo work.

Presently, he lives with his wife Peggy in Highlands, NC. He recently retired from Highlands Falls Country Club as their tennis professional for the past 14 years. He still is a extreme sports mountain climbing guide who summited K2 in 1986, Mt. Everest on the 3rd attempt in 1989, Eiger in 1991 and several in between. He also trains triathletes working with them on cardiovascular endurance. He also guides artist and photographers way off the beaten path to capture scenes of incredible landscape and beauty. He spends 6 months a year in NC and the rest of the time between Florida, Mexico and the Caribbean, traveling, fishing, and of course... playing the Bimini Ring Game.

Grigsby is CEO of Bimini Enterprises, Inc., Home of The Original Bimini Ring Game, Ringmaster, where they have been manufacturing this family game of fun for over 40 years. Grigsby Arnette/BRG is the only company in the world ever granted a patent on the Bimini Ring Game. BRG sells 99.9% of the world's Ring Games. We ARE Bimini Ring Game!

We invite everyone, no matter what age, to join in the fun by passing on a wonderful family tradition that will be remembered by all generations to come...The Original Bimini Ring Game, Ringmaster.

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