Why Buy Bimini Ring Game

  • Number 1 party game!

  • Anyone can play

  • Develops skill

  • Improves eye & hand coordination

  • Enhances concentration

  • It's safe

  • Develops rhythm

  • Simple to install

  • Relieves stress

  • Educationally relevant

  • Great corporate gift idea

  • Tough

  • Affordable

  • Perfect for fund raisers

  • Great giveaway item

  • Can be personalized for Your company

  • Challenging

  • Great gift for anyone

  • The perfect stocking stuffer!

For the person who has everything and you don't know what to get him?
Just good all around clean Fun For The Whole Family!
Everyone loves the Bimini Ring Game...

    Where to set up your Ring Game?

  • Game room

  • Porch

  • Garage

  • By the phone

  • Boat

  • Bars & taverns

  • Restaurants

  • Office

  • On a tree in the yard

  • Retirement homes

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Toy shops

  • Gift shops

  • Break rooms

  • Camping trips

  • Dorm Room

Anywhere where there are people waiting on anything.

And, be sure to keep one in your suitcase for travel.

Never go anywhere without your Bimini Ring Game...




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